• Stitchdown Walking Boots
Stitchdown Walking Boots

The Finest Stitchdown Desert Boots in England

Congratulations on finding the factory. Our shoes are designed and made in Suffolk from start to finish at our factory in Rendlesham. When we say our factory, we mean it too. 

We are the manufacturer. Renowned UK specialists in stitchdown construction footwear, using precision shoemaking techniques and the highest quality materials.

From our Suffolk factory, our flagship brand, JADD, is designed and created by our master shoemaker himself. When you buy your shoes from us, you're buying them from the people who actually made them. You're paying for the product, not the marketing. 

Desert Shoes and Boots, without comparison.

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Black Desert Boots Vibram soles - Made in England

Any Style, Any Leather, Any Sole

Pictured - Desert Hi-Top Black Suede Vibram