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    Made to Order in England

    Our shoes are designed and made for comfort and durability, using the best materials available and utilising traditional British manufacturing techniques.

    The highest quality leathers from some of the world's best tanneries are individually chosen to work in harmony with our style of footwear. Inside our shoes, the quality is equally high, from lining leathers to insoles, only the best is used - you might not see it, but you will feel the quality for years to come.

    Every enquiry and every order placed on this site goes straight to our factory in Suffolk, England. We design and make every pair ourselves, so it's just you and us.

    Any style on our site can be made in any leather or sole option. If you've seen a style you like but can't see the colour you want it in, leave us a message and we'll make it for you. You can also ask for subtle changes at no extra cost. Prefer 3 eyelets or 2 eyelets on your Desert boots? Want a contrasting stitch colour? Just ask.

    Why our shoes?

    Made to a Standard, Not a Price.

    "I have one goal when designing and creating footwear, that my products are the highest standard possible in British shoemaking, maintaining our position as British masters of stitchdown construction footwear." - Jadd Friedman

    Designed and created by our master shoemaker himself, when you buy your shoes from us, you're buying them from the people who actually made them. We design and manufacture all our own footwear, and each design is carefully considered in every aspect to provide lasting aesthetics and comfort. From the initial design through to the pattern making and complex manufacturing operations, nothing is overlooked in order to create the highest quality footwear of its kind.