Detailed information can be found on our Terms of Service pages, but here are some quick answers to common questions.

Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

A. Orders are typically dispatched within 14 days of ordering to allow for manufacturing time. We try to keep a small stock of the most popular sizes in each style, so your order could be processed the same day if this is the case.

Q. How much is delivery?

A. UK - Free, Europe - £15, Rest of World - £25

Q. I'm ordering from outside the UK. Will I have to pay tax?

A. We are not VAT registered so there is no added tax to our retail price displayed online. You may be required to pay import tax depending on your country outside of Europe.

Q. Returns?

A. If the shoe doesn't fit or you've changed your mind, send them back in resalable condition for a refund. We ask that you cover return postage costs.

Q. What is Ox-Reverse suede?

A. This is the best suede available. The full thickness of the leather is used, and as the name suggests, the leather is specially finished and reversed so the smooth side is inside the boot, and the rough side is finished as the suede side. Most suedes are made by splitting the leather, using the smooth side for smooth leather shoes, and the leftover split is turned into suede, sometimes with a resin backer which limits breathability. By using ox-reverse suede for our footwear, the natural qualities of the leather are maintained with full breathability, suppleness, and durability. 

Q. What is crepe rubber?

A. Genuine crepe is created from natural plantation rubber. It's a traditional shoe soling material and perfectly suited to Desert boots. It responds to temperature, becoming softer when warm, and harder when cold. During the summer months, the crepe transforms into a soft cushioned sole, and the leather insole permanently moulds to the shape of the bottom of your feet. This is when your shoes become the most comfortable and crepe soles come into their own as the perfect summer sole. Crepe is a lifestyle sole, and when it's soft from warmth, it will wear quicker. It can also be very slippy on wet smooth surfaces, and should be kept away from oil and solvents (take care at the petrol pump!). Typically we receive shoes back for a resole after 2-3 seasons of wear. 

Q. Can you repair shoes?

A. As long as they're branded 'Suffolk Shoes', we will accept shoes back for repair, putting them back onto their original lasts for a full factory finish resole. Please contact us to arrange this.

Q. I have a favourite pair of shoes. Can you copy them?

A. Whilst this is in our capability to do so, the cost would be prohibitive in most cases. Naturally we would suggest investing in a pair of our shoes which have been developed and extensively tested over a long period, and we're sure they'll become your new favourites.

Q. Do you do ladies styles?

A. We consider our styles to be unisex. We can reproduce our styles down to a ladies size 3. Our website will be updated in time for Spring/Summer 2020 with a dedicated ladies section and fresh new looks.